Sep 03 , 2023

Tradition with a Twist: 7 Modernized Indian Breakfast Classics

By True Scoop

Masala French Toast: French toast dipped in a spiced egg mixture, a savory twist to a breakfast favorite.

Avocado Toast with Indian Spices: Avocado toast elevated with the addition of Indian spice blends like chaat masala.

Protein-Packed Chia Pudding: Traditional Indian flavors infused into a chia seed pudding for a nutritious twist.

Oats Uttapam: Nutrient-packed oats blended into the traditional South Indian uttapam batter.

Paneer Paratha Pizza: Fusion of a classic paratha with Italian flavors, topped with paneer, veggies, and cheese.

Quinoa Upma: A healthier take on traditional upma, using quinoa instead of semolina.

Reviving Breakfast Traditions: 7 Contemporary Takes on Indian Morning Classics