Traditional Arts: 10 Captivating Indian Art Styles Worth Exploring

Madhubani Painting: Bihar’s vibrant folk art with intricate geometric and nature motifs.

Kalamkari: Andhra Pradesh’s hand-painted or block-printed fabric depicting mythological tales.

Warli Painting: Maharashtra’s tribal art using basic shapes to depict daily life and rituals.

Pattachitra: Odisha’s traditional scroll painting illustrating mythological stories with vibrant colors.

Tantra Art: Intricate paintings from Himachal Pradesh depicting tantric rituals and symbolism.

Phad Painting: Rajasthan’s narrative scrolls showcasing heroic tales with bold colors.

Thangka Painting: Tibetan Buddhist art with intricate details, often depicting deities and mandalas.

Cherial Scroll Painting: Telangana’s narrative art form using mythological themes.

Gond Art: Madhya Pradesh’s tribal art featuring intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

Miniature Painting: Rajasthan’s delicate art form known for intricate detailing in small compositions.

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