Oct 03 , 2023

A Twist on Tradition: 7 recipes of Modern Variations of Classic Tea-Time Eats

By True Scoop

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches with a Minty Twist: A modern take on cucumber sandwiches, these feature a mint-infused cream cheese spread for a refreshing flavor.

Tandoori Chicken Tacos: Tandoori chicken is tucked into soft taco shells and topped with fresh veggies and a yogurt-based sauce for a fusion of Indian and Mexican flavors.

Quinoa Upma: A healthy update to the traditional upma, using quinoa instead of semolina for added protein and fiber.

Avocado Paratha Rolls: Instead of the usual potato filling, these paratha rolls feature mashed avocado, creating a creamy and nutritious snack.

Paneer Tikka Quesadillas: Classic paneer tikka is reinvented as a filling for quesadillas, merging Indian flavors with Mexican flair.

Mango Chai Smoothie: A fusion of the traditional Indian chai and modern smoothie, this drink combines brewed chai tea with mango, yogurt, and honey for a refreshing twist.

Reviving Tradition: 7 Innovative Recipes for Tea-Time Delights