10 Unique Indian Festival Dishes You Haven’t Tried Yet

Dhokla Delight: Steamed Fermented Cake, Tangy Tempering, and Garnishes Galore.

Pesarattu Pleasure: Green Gram Crepes, Ginger, Chilies, and Spices Crispiness.

Kalaadi Carnival: Local Cheese, Spices, and Frying Perfection from Jammu.

Khar Khazana: Assamese Alkaline Curry, Raw Papaya, and Assorted Veggies.

Litti Chokha Charm: Baked Dough Balls, Spiced Mashed Vegetables Delicacy.

Makki Di Roti: Corn Flour Flatbread, Sarson Da Saag Complement.

Chak Hao Kheer: Black Rice, Milk, and Jaggery Dessert Elegance.

Farcha Feast: Parsi Fried Chicken, Spices, and Crispy Coating Artistry.

Patra Panache: Taro Leaves, Besan Paste, and Spices Roll Innovation.

Thepla Trail: Gujarati Spiced Flatbreads, Methi, and Tangy Flavors Fusion.

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