8 Unique Mughlai Dishes Offering Distinctive and Delicious Flavors

Biryani - Fragrant rice, spices, and succulent meat create a flavorful masterpiece.

Butter Chicken - Creamy tomato curry enhances tender, marinated chicken pieces.

Seekh Kebab - Spiced minced meat skewers charred for a delectable taste.

Paneer Tikka - Marinated cottage cheese grilled to perfection for rich flavors.

Nihari - Slow-cooked meat stew with aromatic spices for robust taste.

Haleem - Mixture of lentils, wheat, and meat forms a savory porridge.

Galouti Kebab - Minced meat patties delicately spiced and incredibly tender.

Shahi Tukda - Fried bread soaked in saffron-infused milk, a royal dessert.

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