8 most unsafe places of Karnataka one must not visit

Naxal-affected areas: Parts of the Western Ghats and northern regions like Chikmagalur and Shimoga have had sporadic Naxal activities.

Areas near the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border: Certain border regions have seen occasional disputes and tensions between communities.

Coastal areas during monsoon: Coastal regions like Udupi and Mangalore can experience rough seas and strong currents during the monsoon season.

Remote forest areas: While Karnataka is known for its beautiful forests, some remote areas may pose risks due to wildlife, lack of infrastructure, or difficult terrain.

Unregulated trekking routes: Trekking in uncharted or unregulated areas can be risky, especially without proper guidance and safety measures.

Certain city areas during political rallies: Large political rallies or protests in urban areas can sometimes lead to temporary unrest or traffic disruptions.

Isolated rural regions during nighttime: It’s advisable to avoid isolated rural areas during nighttime due to limited facilities and safety concerns.

Places with reported incidents of theft: Some tourist spots or crowded areas in cities like Bengaluru may have reported incidents of pickpocketing or theft.