8 most unsafe places near Bihar one must not visit

Gaya District: Some areas in Gaya have experienced criminal activity, so it’s advisable to stay in well-traveled and tourist-friendly locations.

Patna’s Old City: While Patna is generally safe, certain parts of the old city may have narrow, congested streets and occasional petty crimes, so be cautious.

Bhagalpur: This city has seen occasional communal tensions, and travelers should be aware of the local situation.

Muzaffarpur: While most parts are safe, travelers should exercise caution in less-developed areas.

Bettiah: Some areas in and around Bettiah may have occasional security concerns, so it’s important to stay informed.

Araria District: Located near the Nepal border, travelers should be cautious when visiting border areas, as they may have occasional security issues.

Buxar District: Be aware of local conditions in some remote parts of Buxar District, especially near the border with Uttar Pradesh.

Kishanganj: This district, bordering Nepal and West Bengal, may have occasional security concerns, so travelers should exercise caution.