7 most unsafe places near Rajasthan one must not visit

Border Areas: Some border regions near Rajasthan, particularly those bordering Pakistan, may have security concerns due to their proximity to international borders. Travelers should stay updated on the current situation and adhere to travel advisories.

Certain Areas in Jaisalmer: While Jaisalmer is a popular tourist destination, some isolated areas, especially those far from the city center, might have safety concerns. Travelers should exercise caution, especially at night.

Remote Desert Areas: Remote desert areas, such as the Thar Desert, can be challenging due to the harsh environment and lack of infrastructure. Travelers should be well-prepared and consider guided tours when exploring these regions.

Certain Tribal Areas: Rajasthan has several tribal areas where customs and traditions differ from mainstream culture. While most tribes are welcoming to tourists, it’s essential to respect their customs and traditions and be cautious in isolated tribal villages.

Border Areas with Wildlife Reserves: Rajasthan is known for its wildlife reserves like Ranthambhore and Sariska. While these are safe to visit, be cautious when exploring the outskirts and buffer zones, as wild animals can sometimes venture into these areas.

Certain Parts of the Aravalli Hills: The Aravalli Hills offer scenic beauty, but some remote areas may not be safe for tourists. Always hike or trek with a local guide and inform someone about your plans.

Isolated Villages: Isolated villages and hamlets, especially those with limited access to law enforcement or medical facilities, may have safety concerns. Travelers should exercise caution and consider local advice when visiting such areas.