Sep 09 , 2023

8 most unsafe places near West Bengal one must not visit

By True Scoop

Purulia District: Some areas are affected by Maoist activity. Check for travel advisories and local updates before visiting.

Sikkim-Nepal Border: Border disputes may pose risks; follow travel advisories and avoid sensitive border regions.

Birbhum District: Certain rural areas have reported communal tensions; research and local advice are essential for safety.

Siliguri Corridor: Prone to landslides and political unrest. Exercise caution when passing through this narrow stretch of land.

Jharkhand Border Areas: Security concerns and Naxalite activity make some border regions unsafe for tourists.

Darjeeling-Lebong Race Course: High risk of accidents due to steep slopes. Caution when exploring the area.

Sundarbans Mangrove Forest: Beware of tiger attacks and rough terrain in this UNESCO site. Visit with a guided tour for safety.

Safety is a paramount concern when traveling, and it's essential to be aware of potential risks in certain areas.