Urban Challenges: Navigating 10 Hazardous Roads in Bengaluru, India, Amidst Monsoons and Heavy Traffic
By True Scoop

Outer Ring Road: Prone to waterlogging and traffic jams during monsoons.

NICE Road (Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor): Challenges due to heavy rainfall and reduced visibility.

Old Airport Road: Potential hazards from water accumulation during rains.

Silk Board Junction: Heavy traffic and waterlogging can create difficulties.

Mysuru Road: Challenges due to monsoons, affecting traffic flow.

Tumkur Road: Hazards related to heavy rainfall and traffic congestion.

Hosur Road: Waterlogging and traffic disruptions during the monsoon season.

Sarjapur Road: Potential difficulties due to poor road conditions in rainy weather.

Electronic City Flyover: Challenges posed by heavy rain and reduced visibility.

Bellary Road: Hazards due to monsoons and traffic congestion.

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