Oct 03 , 2023

Vintage Vibes: Cheap and Best Heritage Villages in India

By True Scoop

Khimsar, Rajasthan: A heritage village that showcases Rajput architecture, Khimsar offers visitors a peek into Rajasthan’s grandeur without the crowds.

Raghurajpur, Odisha: Recognized as a Heritage Village, it is famous for Pattachitra paintings and other traditional handicrafts, providing a vibrant cultural experience.

Majuli, Assam: The world’s largest river island, Majuli boasts traditional satras (monastic centers) and the vibrant Ali Ai Ligang festival, providing an authentic Northeastern touch.

Pochampally, Telangana: Known for its distinctive Ikat fabric, this village provides a deep dive into traditional weaving methods and patterns.

Pragpur, Himachal Pradesh: India’s first classified Heritage Village, it offers cobbled streets, slate-roofed houses, and a vintage charm amid the Himalayan foothills.