Mar 08 , 2024

Vital Vitamins to add to your diet for a long & healthy life

By True Scoop

The modern generation is becoming very calorie conscious going to the gym & eating nutritious food.

These 3 Vitamins however are vital in order to ensure a long & healthy life.

Vitamin D is extremely important as it decreases the risk of heart diseases and cancer; Sunlight is a major source of this vitamin.

Vitamin C is full of antioxidants and it helps in increasing immunity; Broccoli, citrus fruits & berries are great sources of it.

Vitamin E is antioxidant, it keeps our skin healthy & it is also known to cure Alzheimer's disease; seeds, vegetable oils, spinach being great sources.

It is difficult to get all the nutrients from our food which is why doctors suggest taking food supplements along with it.

However it is recommended to take all the micro & macro nutrients from natural sources like fruits & vegetables.

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