Apr 27 , 2024

9 Ways To Deal With Stress Of Board Results

By True Scoop

As the board results are likely to be announced soon, here are some ways to deal with stress that comes with it

Don’t dwell on the past: After you are through with the 10th and 12th examinations, make it a point to not think about it

Don’t keep calculating: Stop running through question papers over and over again

Think about future: Instead of thinking about the board exam, chalk out a plan for future

Pursue Hobbies: It is a great time to pursue your hobby and take some time out for yourself

This is not end of life: You need to understand that this is not the end. Don’t take much stress if result is not good

Spend time socializing: After results, instead of thinking about results its better to meet friends and talk out things

Talk to career counsellors: Going to career counsellor will help you chalk out a proper plan about future

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