10 Ways to Decorate Your House for Diwali with Flowers

Marigold Garlands: Adorn doorways and windows with fragrant marigold garlands to welcome prosperity and positivity.

Rangoli with Petals: Create intricate rangolis using flower petals in vibrant patterns, adding a touch of elegance.

Floral Torans: Hang colorful flower torans at entrances to symbolize a warm and inviting home.

Floating Flower Candles: Place floating candles in decorative bowls filled with water and flower petals for an enchanting effect.

Flower Curtains: Craft curtains with strings of jasmine or rose garlands for a fragrant, flowery ambiance.

Flower-Decked Diyas: Decorate traditional clay diyas with colorful blossoms, enhancing the festive charm.

Pooja Room Blooms: Adorn your prayer room with fresh flowers, creating a sacred and serene atmosphere.

Floral Rangoli Stencils: Use stencils to create rangolis with powdered or fresh flowers, ensuring precision.

Floral Wall Hangings: Design decorative wall hangings with dried flowers or pressed petals, adding a rustic touch.

Flower-filled Vases: Place vibrant flower arrangements in various rooms, infusing the house with natural beauty and fragrance.

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