May 07 , 2024

7 Ways How Your WhatsApp Can Be Hacked

By True Scoop

Socially Engineered Attacks: They use contacts of your friends to ask for verification code and then get into your account

Media File Jacking: Hackers are responsible for injecting malicious software into your device to get all the information from it

Remote Code Execution Via GIF: Seemingly harmless GIF can actually cause you a lot of problem by infecting your device

Voice Call Attack: You might get call from an unknown number and as soon as you pick it up, all your personal information is gone

Fake WhatsApp clones: These clones are digital doppelganger with malicious intentions

WhatsApp Web Version: Hackers can also get information by using the QR you share while logging in to web

Paid Third Part Apps: Sometimes you don’t pay on app for extra features but for extra trouble

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