8 Ways to Remove lint From your Winter Clothes
By True Scoop

Lint Roller: Swiftly roll over clothing to lift lint and pet hair, leaving fabrics clean and fresh.

Tape Method: Wrap masking or duct tape around your hand, sticky side out, and press onto clothes.

Velcro Strip: Use a Velcro strip to catch lint by rubbing it gently across the fabric surface.

Dryer Sheets: Rub clothes with a dryer sheet to reduce static electricity and remove lint.

Wet Sponge: Dampen a sponge and glide it over clothes to pick up lint effectively.

Clothing Brush: Employ a lint brush with bristles to quickly remove lint and restore garment appearance.

DIY Lint Remover: Wrap masking tape around a paint roller, sticky side out, and roll over clothes.

Handheld Vacuum: Use a handheld vacuum with a fabric attachment to suction away lint from clothing.

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