World Diabetes Day 2022: Ways to cure diabetes without any medication


Exercise daily: Regular exercise keeps your blood sugar level under control as cells more effectively use the available sugar in your bloodstream.

Manage your carb intake: Doctors suggest that diabetic patients should keep in mind carb requirements and divide their meals accordingly. It improves your blood sugar management.

Drink a lot of water: It is very important to stay hydrated to manage blood sugar level. Person should drink at least 2 glasses of water every hour.

Try to manage stress: Increasing stress directly affect your sugar, so it is suggested by doctors to not take much stress or practice meditation if you have diabetes.

More intake of fiber: To manage your blood sugar level, it is very important to add fibers in your daily food. Foods like vegetables, fruits, grains, etc should be consumed by diabetic patients.

Monitor your sugar levels: With the help of normal glucose meter, you should keep a check on your sugar level to get an idea how your level reacts to certain meals.

Add specific items in your food: Certain items like apple cider vinegar, vitamin C fruits, fenugreek, gooseberries, etc should be a must while you eat anything in a day.

Keep snacking: Dividing your meals and doing snacking time to rime helps to maintain the blood sugar level.