8 ways to use ginger in your beauty routine

Ginger Hair Mask: Mix grated ginger with coconut oil, apply to hair, and leave for 30 minutes for enhanced hair growth.

Ginger Face Scrub: Create a paste with ginger, honey, and sugar to exfoliate and brighten your complexion.

Ginger Bath: Add ginger slices to your bath to stimulate circulation and detoxify the skin.

Ginger Tea Toner: Use cooled ginger tea as a natural toner to reduce redness and inflammation on the skin.

Ginger Lip Balm: Combine grated ginger with honey and apply to lips for natural plumping and hydration.

Ginger Massage Oil: Mix ginger essential oil with a carrier oil for a warming and relaxing massage oil.

Ginger Foot Soak: Soak feet in warm water with ginger slices to relieve soreness and improve circulation.

Ginger Nail Strengthener: Apply ginger juice to nails to promote growth and strengthen brittle nails.