Sep 04 , 2023

7 Ways to withdraw cash from ATM without debit card

By True Scoop

Net Banking: Transfer funds to beneficiaries' bank accounts, and they can withdraw without a card.

ATM Locator Apps: Some banks offer apps to locate ATMs and authorize cardless withdrawals.

UPI Apps: Link UPI apps to bank accounts and use them to withdraw cash from supported ATMs.

One-Time Withdrawal Codes: Receive a unique code via mobile banking to withdraw cash from specific ATMs.

Mobile Wallets: Transfer funds to a mobile wallet and use the app's ATM withdrawal feature.

Cardless Cash Withdrawal: Use mobile banking apps to generate a secure QR code for ATM withdrawal.

The title "Ways to Withdraw Cash from ATM Without Debit Card" hints at exploring alternative methods or techniques for accessing cash from an ATM machine when you don't have a traditional debit card.