8 Wholesome Breakfasts Celebrating Indian Heritage a must try

Bajra Roti with Jaggery: Nutrient-rich pearl millet flatbreads paired with jaggery, a traditional breakfast in Rajasthan.

Ragi Mudde: Finger millet balls served with spicy sambar or coconut chutney, a nutritious choice from Karnataka.

Sattu Paratha: Whole wheat flatbreads stuffed with roasted gram flour, a protein-packed breakfast from Bihar and Jharkhand.

Thepla: Thin, spiced flatbreads loaded with fenugreek leaves, a wholesome breakfast from Gujarat.

Ragi Kanji: A Tamil Nadu specialty, a nutritious porridge made from finger millet, often served with buttermilk.

Bhakri: Coarse sorghum or pearl millet flatbreads, a staple in Maharashtra, typically paired with spicy curries.

Kodo Millet Upma: Upma made with kodo millet, flavored with traditional spices, a South Indian heritage dish.

Til Chikki: A sweet treat made from sesame seeds and jaggery, enjoyed across India during festivals and breakfast.