May 25 , 2023

Why are major brands parting ways with Kanye West?

By True Scoop

The case was soon followed by major sporting brands like Adidas which announced its association on 25th October and even took away his billionaire status.

Among the majors, Balenciaga led the charge and was among the closest collaborators of the American rapper announced on October 21st, that they won’t be associated with him anymore.

JP Morgan Chase also went on the line to repeat the trail of brands’ dissociation with Ye and issued a letter informing they would end their banking relationship with YEEZY LLC linked to the rapper.

Soon after the controversy boiled, several huge brands attached to Ye started parting ways, and somewhat in a domino effect, others followed the suit.

Apart from this his antisemitic remarks on social media sparked global outrage when he went on to write, he would, “Go death Con 3 on Jewish People,” a similar remark he issued in interviews.

Back in October’s first week, Ye wore a T-Shirt with the tag “White Lives Matter” at the Paris Fashion Week and wasn’t taken well by the anti-defamation league, who considered this as a hate slogan.

Goes by his new official name Ye now, Kanye is facing a massive furor over his racial and ethnic comments in the past few weeks.

The American rap legend Kanye West has been caught amidst a massive controversy over his public remarks on a couple of matters that have directly affected his face and brand value.

Why are major brands parting ways with Kanye West?