May 10 , 2024

Why Finland Is The Happiest Country?

By True Scoop

One month of paid holiday: Employees are told to take 1-month leave and get 13 months salary

Spending time in nature: People feel happy looking at pure water, sunshine in summer and snowfall in winter

More honesty, no sugarcoating: People there are honest. They say what they feel like without any hesitation

Equality: Finland believes in equal sharing. The more you earn, more taxes you have to pay

Great Work Life Balance: Employees work only 37.5 hrs a week. If they work on weekend then get paid 1.5 times more

Family Time: Everyone’s home by 4 and 5 pm and spend a lot of time with family members

Sauna Is Everything: Be it cold or hot, people choose sauna to have a peace after working hours

All these things add to the happiness of people of Finland