9 Wiered Objects Made of Gold

Golden iPad2 : Apple's iPad2 is made with 2000 grams of solid 24-carat gold and 53 gems, including multiple diamonds was made by British jewelry maker Stuart Hughes. It's cost is $8,254,150.

Gold-Plated Infiniti : Infiniti convertible plated with 24-carat gold was unveiled in March 2011 at a jewelers shop in Nanjing in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu.

24k Pencil : Korean designer Daisung Kim created the gold-plated pencil, which has a thin 24k layer of gold plating. They retail for $20.

White-gold Bathtub : White-gold Bathtub was designed by Japanese manufacturer INAX and put on display in the company’s Tokyo showroom in August 2010. The price tag: $94,000.

Gold Earphones : Japanese-based Final Audio Design has created high-performance gold plated earphones. The starter model goes for $940.

Golden Beer Mug : Golden Beer Mug was made by Japan’s leading jeweler, Ginza Tanaka. It’s made from 850 grams of gold and sells for $50,000.

Golden Loo : Golden Loo was manufactured by Hong Kong-based jeweler Hang Fung Gold Technology, and on display in its HK showroom, can truly be considered a throne. It is made of 24k solid gold.

Golden Lingerie : Chinese designer Zhou Ningxin designed this gold filigree bra, weighing 458 grams, for a jewelry show in Beijing.

Golden Lemonade : Golden Lemonade filled with flakes of 24-carat gold leaf was produced by the Elixia Faustin company after a client in Dubai who was looking for a deluxe and non-alcoholic version contacted the French company.