Wildlife Wonders: 10 Parks for Experiencing India’s Breathtaking Fauna

Jim Corbett National Park: India’s oldest, home to majestic Bengal tigers.

Ranthambhore National Park: Tigers roam near ancient fort ruins in Rajasthan.

Kaziranga National Park: Assam’s sanctuary for one-horned rhinoceros conservation.

Bandipur National Park: Karnataka’s lush habitat for elephants, tigers, and more.

Sundarbans National Park: The largest mangrove forest, home to Bengal tigers.

Periyar National Park: Kerala’s haven for elephants, tigers, and diverse wildlife.

Gir Forest National Park: The last abode of the Asiatic lion in Gujarat.

Hemis National Park: Ladakh’s high-altitude sanctuary for snow leopards.

Sariska Tiger Reserve: Historic site in Rajasthan with a mix of wildlife.

Pench National Park: The inspiration for Kipling’s “The Jungle Book.

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