7 Winter Special South Indian food
By True Scoop

Pongal: Embrace the season with this comforting dish made of rice and lentils, seasoned with pepper, cumin, and ghee.

Ragi Mudde: Experience the hearty goodness of finger millet balls, a nutritious and filling winter delight.

Coconut Milk Stew (Ishtu): Enjoy the warmth of a South Indian stew, featuring vegetables in a coconut milk broth with aromatic spices.

Kambu Koozh (Pearl Millet Porridge): Stay healthy with this traditional porridge made from pearl millet, perfect for chilly mornings.

Avial: Relish a medley of vegetables in a coconut and yogurt-based curry, bringing a burst of flavors to your winter dining.

Rasam: Fight off the winter blues with this tangy and spicy tamarind soup, known for its immune-boosting properties.

Ellu Urundai: Treat yourself to these sesame and jaggery balls, providing a sweet and nutritious energy boost during the colder months.

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