Winter Wanderlust: Deepika Padukone’s Top 10 Favorite Tourist Spots
By True Scoop

Alpine Serenity - Interlaken, Switzerland: Deepika cherishes the serene beauty of Interlaken’s snow-covered Alps

Scandinavian Charm - Stockholm, Sweden: She explores the winter wonder of Stockholm, enjoying its Nordic elegance.

Snowy Romance - Lapland, Finland: Deepika indulges in Lapland’s enchanting winter landscapes and experiences the magic of the Northern Lights.

Cozy Getaway - Aspen, Colorado, USA: Enjoying the warmth of Aspen’s winter charm, she embraces the snow-covered slopes and après-ski culture.

Japanese Tranquility - Niseko, Hokkaido: Deepika finds tranquility in Niseko’s powdery slopes and winter festivals in Hokkaido, Japan.

Austrian Elegance - Salzburg: She appreciates the classic charm of Salzburg, Austria, with its snow-draped historic architecture.

Arctic Splendor - Tromsø, Norway: Deepika experiences the Arctic beauty of Tromsø, Norway, known for its picturesque fjords and winter activities.

French Delight - Chamonix-Mont-Blanc: She embraces the French Alps’ allure in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, enjoying skiing and stunning alpine views.

Canadian Gem - Jasper National Park, Canada: Deepika explores the winter beauty of Jasper, surrounded by the Canadian Rockies.

German Festivity - Nuremberg, Germany: Deepika immerses herself in the festive charm of Nuremberg, known for its enchanting Christmas markets and winter delights.

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