Inside ‘world’s creepiest forest’ where UFOs are seen and people disappear

Situated between two mountain ranges in Transylvania is a forest locals have long refused to enter for fear of what lies within.

A tour company is venturing into the Hoia-Baciu Forest, where UFOs, strange shadows, and other supernatural phenomena occur.

Legend says the area was named after a shepherd, Baciu, who supposedly entered the "world's most haunted forest" with a flock of 200 sheep - only to never be seen again.

Marius Lazin is the President of the Hoia-Baciu Project, an organization first formed to prevent the forest from being destroyed.

As per Marius, the Hoia-Baciu Forest was shrouded in a rich tapestry of stories and rumors that kindled fascination.

Another tale linked to the forest includes the story of a young girl who entered and was presumed dead.

Five years later, she is said to have reemerged unaged, wearing the same dress she vanished in and unable to remember where she'd been.

Hauntingly, no vegetation grows in a circular section of the forest - and this is where much of the paranormal activity is documented.

Trees on the edge grow in twisted, bizarre patterns, and scientists have even taken samples of the soil within the circle but are unable to determine why nothing grows.