9 of the world's most dangerous foods that can even kill you

Fugu is basically pufferfish which is usually served raw in sashimi style. However, it is also one of the most notorious foods in Japanese cuisine as it can also kill customers.

Raw kidney beans are incredibly capable of causing food poisoning due to a toxin called phytohaemagglutinin. This glycoprotein is killed when kidney beans are cooked at high temperatures.

While cherries are a stunning tropical fruit packing a juicy punch, the hard stone in the middle contains an abundance of amygdalin. It can make you choke.

Ackee contains hypoglicin A - which is a heat-stable toxin. When the fruit itself is ripe, it is perfectly fine to eat.

While bean sprouts are a perfect accompaniment to a Chow Mein, they are often grown in warm and sticky conditions which prove a breeding ground for bacteria.

Who doesn't love a spot of seasonal apple and rhubarb crumble? However, the leafy greens which wrap the cane itself are never, under any circumstances, edible.

In the Dragon's Breath chilli, the concentrated capsaicin can cause an 'overdrive' of the immune system and overwhelm burn defences.

Due to its incredible alcohol content, consumption of the 'Green Fairy' brings all of the usual symptoms of heavy alcohol use - like slowed reaction times and incoherent rambling.

While many wild mushrooms are in-fact incredibly nutritious and delicious to eat, others can pose substantial risks when consumed.