7 World's most beautiful Roads

Pacific Coast Highway, California, USA: Winding along the California coast, it offers stunning ocean views and dramatic landscapes.

Great Ocean Road, Australia: Along Australia's southern coast, it features iconic rock formations and coastal scenery.

Amalfi Coast Road, Italy: A winding road along the Italian coast with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean.

Ring Road, Iceland: Circles the island, showcasing Iceland's diverse landscapes, including waterfalls, volcanoes, and glaciers.

Tianmen Mountain Road, China: Known as the Heaven-Linking Avenue this road offers breathtaking mountain views and unique tunnels.

Transfagarasan Highway, Romania: Carved through the Carpathian Mountains, it offers stunning vistas and high-altitude scenery.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria: Winds through the Austrian Alps, offering panoramic views of peaks and glaciers.