World's 10 Most Beautiful Small Towns

Hallstatt, Austria: A charming Alpine village nestled by a pristine lake, famous for its breathtaking scenery.

Positano, Italy: Perched on the Amalfi Coast, its colorful houses cling to steep cliffs, offering stunning vistas.

Reine, Norway: A fishing village on Lofoten Islands, surrounded by dramatic mountains and pristine waters.

Bled, Slovenia: Set around a picturesque lake with an island and a medieval castle, it's a fairytale town.

Chefchaouen, Morocco: The "Blue Pearl" boasts streets painted in shades of blue and stunning mountain backdrops.

Hallerbos, Belgium: Famous for its magical bluebell forest, turning the landscape into a dreamy purple haze.

Oia, Greece: On the island of Santorini, it features white-washed buildings with blue-domed churches against the sea.

Colmar, France: Known for its well-preserved medieval architecture, cobblestone streets, and flower-lined canals.

Gimmelwald, Switzerland: Nestled in the Swiss Alps, it offers a tranquil, idyllic setting for nature enthusiasts.

Giethoorn, Netherlands: Dubbed the "Venice of the North," it has picturesque canals and charming thatched-roof cottages.

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