Nov 15 , 2023

Yummy Restaurants: 10 Culinary Havens for Delicious Indian Cuisine

By True Scoop

Indian Accent, New Delhi: Global fusion with a modern twist on Indian flavors.

Gaggan, Bangkok (Chef Gaggan Anand): Progressive Indian cuisine redefining culinary boundaries.

Karim’s, Delhi: Time-honored Mughlai delicacies in the heart of Old Delhi.

Masala Library, Mumbai: Molecular gastronomy meets traditional Indian recipes for a unique experience.

Dakshinayan, Kolkata: Authentic Bengali flavors in a cozy, nostalgic setting.

Peshawri, Mumbai: North-West Frontier cuisine with succulent kebabs and rich gravies.

Kutumb, Jaipur: Homely Rajasthani dishes served in a welcoming familial atmosphere.

Karavalli, Bangalore: Southern spice-infused coastal and regional Indian delights.

Dakshin, Chennai: South Indian specialties curated with traditional finesse.

Dum Pukht, Lucknow: Slow-cooked Awadhi cuisine in a regal, elegant setting.

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