What’s True Scoop?

True Scoop is one of North India’s fastest growing digital news channels. We cover stories on youth-specific issues and ground reports that mainstream media doesn’t.

Why are we different?

Digital Media portals have earned themselves some infamy over the past few years. But we’re here to do things differently. True Scoop has one clear goal to redefine digital journalism in the modern world. We pride ourselves in our authenticity and ethical journalism. In doing so, we offer a fresh lens to our readers on issues that have long ruled the debates of India’s National Media.

What do we do differently?

True Scoop works on both ends of the spectrum- thought and action. To further our goal of action-oriented journalism, we have launched a multi-pronged strategy.

  1. We say no to Private Ads so we can say Yes to Journalism!
  2. In our one-of-a-kind Digital News Workshops , we teach students how to fact check their information consumption digitally using tools and resources. True Scoop’s interactive newshops ensure that students have fun with News and learn to fight misinformation along the way.
  3. We are also giving back to the community by educating students and budding professionals through our online course called Digital Journalism 101. Digital Journalism 101 is a super engaging and informative online course offered by True Scoop. In this short and crisp course, our founder shares deep insights on journalism in the digital era and tricks that will come in handy if you start your own digital news venture.
  4. Through Scoop Helps, we bridge the gap between well-intentioned officers and the general public to bring about socioeconomic change and amend any wrongdoings in the society.
  5. Inception Tales is another initiative by True Scoop that promotes startups with unique ideas in a generation-friendly way.
  6. True Scoop also initiated PolyEnd, a solution-based campaign to fight single-use plastic items.

Who runs us?

Led by an amalgamation of young, dynamic and experienced people, True Scoop endorses openness, honesty and deep-thinking as its core values. We break various preset norms not just in the work that we do but also in the way that we do it and in the people we hire to do it. We’re the only local digital news channel to be spearheaded by a woman. Our team comprises a diverse cohort of individuals from different backgrounds.