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What’s True Scoop and Why Are We Different?

Media portals have earned themselves some infamy over the past few years; some with their own ill doing & some by just doing their job. But we’re here to do things differently.

We’re living in fast-changing times. With a plethora of content available for the readers to consume, our priority is to churn out the finest, most authentic and relevant information that will genuinely add value to our readers’ time online.

True Scoop has one clear goal to redefine digital journalism in the modern world. We pride ourselves in our authenticity and ethical journalism. True Scoop aims to provide a good mix of political, economic and entertainment news along with multiple other categories that interests our readers. In doing so, we offer a fresh lens to our readers on issues that have long ruled the debates of India’s National Media.

Led by an amalgamation of young, dynamic and experienced people, True Scoop believes that passion and drive bring out the best in stories and people. What's a good news story without passionately curated arguments? Without an argument that moves the system? Or challenges the status quo? Or brings out the bare truth?

Stories are powerful when they do two things- either shake the law or move the people. Stories that shift their paradigms into something that’s more constructive and less conservative.

We break various preset norms not just in the work that we do but also in the way that we do it and in the people we hire to do it. True Scoop strives to become the platform for people to share important stories that they may otherwise be afraid to speak about.

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Authenticity is our promise to our viewers. You’re joining hands with the right values.

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