Jasleen Kaur

Ms. Jasleen Kaur is a graphic designer with an experience of four years in the field of creativity. She graduated as an Electronics and communication Engineer in 2015 but went on to build a career in the field of designing. In 2015, she started working for a manufacturing company called Datawind Innovations Pvt. Ltd., Amritsar as a Supervisor. In 2016, Jasleen got promoted as the ‘Process Engineer’ in the same firm. She was also selected as ‘Casual Announcer’ and 'Drama Artist' at All India Radio. In 2017, Jasleen joined Punjab Kesari, Jalandhar as a Cartoonist and Graphic Designer. She worked in the web section of Punjab Kesari working for the English page named ‘JB+’ and Hindi women based page ‘Nari’. Acknowledging the major swing from engineering to designing, Jasleen kaur is now serving as the CREATIVE HEAD of True Scoop where she is responsible for extensive mind storming on latest ideas and creatively executing those ideas.

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