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Media portals have earned themselves some infamy over the past few years. But we’re here to do things differently.

With a plethora of content available for the readers to consume, our Special Scoop will churn out the finest, most authentic and relevant information that will genuinely add value to our subscriber’s time online. True Scoop's Premium is sure to keep you ahead of the curve.

We aim to provide a good mix of political, economic and entertainment news along with multiple categories that interest our readers. In doing so, we offer a fresh lens to our readers on issues that have long ruled the debates of India’s National Media.

Our promises to you:
  • Going above and beyond with the Extra Lens.
  • Ground reports that mainstream media won't present to you.
  • Scoops that are fast, accurate and concise.
  • Fact check articles on videos/news that are going viral.
  • Personalized News feed that will show you content that you are most likely to interact with including web stories, videos, and podcasts.
  • A chance to feature your own achievements and talents on our channel.
Everything you need to know. Nothing less. Nothing more.
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