About Ms. Khyati Kohli

Khyati Kohli is a young entrepreneur who recently graduated from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. With her Bachelors in Business Administration and Web Technologies & Applications, Ms. Kohli chose to come back right after her graduation to start working in her home country. At the age of 20, Kohli authored a novel called The Shame’s On You that highlights the struggles associated with being a woman in India. This fictional story raises questions that we’re usually too afraid to ask and initiate suppressed conversations that have the potential to uproot deeply ingrained gender biases. It forces readers to rethink right versus wrong and reshape practices that have come to be regarded as the soul of our Indian culture. Along similar lines, Khyati also started a show called Uneducating The Youth where she talks about many such practices that often send across the wrong messages to our kids. Having worked as an Opinion Writer and Copywriter in Daily Trojan, California, Kohli’s interest in sharing her voice peaked during college. Her work experience in companies of US and Australia shaped her overall work ethic and ignited boundless passion within her. Khyati envisions True Scoop as the media portal of tomorrow which is why she plans on collaborating with thought leaders and giving them a platform to share their stories with the world. “There’s very less meaning to what a lot digital portals are doing these days,” Khyati explains. “We, at True Scoop, are aiming for socio-economic change here. All the programs that we broadcast have some sort of contribution to make to the industries that they touch.” Khyati goes on to explain, “What separates True Scoop from other portals is that it is an action-oriented platform that works on both ends of the spectrum—thought and action. This is already reflected in our current work and will be magnified by some of our future shows which are already in the pipeline right now.”