About Sukhdev Singh

True Scoop is a digital media platform with Authenticity, 360 degree Journalism and Deep Drilling as its core values. True Scoop aims to break the myth of Digital Journalism by providing 100 % authentic news and intriguing content that makes people think deeply. True Scoop was inaugurated by Mr.Suresh Arora, Principal Secretary to CM, Punjab on December 22, 2018.True Scoop's official website has been envisaged as a bilingual website in both English and Punjabi language addressing various kinds of readership. True Scoop addresses various socio-political, economic and cultural issues and strives to report the actual reality.</p><p> The brainstorming team of True Scoop evaluates every piece of news and information with an unbiased lens and tries to put across a thoroughly researched and evaluated news article which is relevant for the common masses. One of True Scoop's flagship program is Scoop Helps. Through Scoop Helps, True Scoop aims to provide an authentic, action-oriented platform that connects honest officers who are desperately trying to help the common man with the people who have been wronged. True Scoop is the brainchild of Prestine Broadcasters Pvt.Ltd which is owned and spearheaded by Ms.Khyati Kohli, who is also the Managing Director of the company.