A family was robbed at the gunpoint on the Jalandhar-Amritsar highway near Kartarpur on Wednesday. The incident took place opposite the CRPF camp. The robbers looted gold jewelry and cash from the women in the car. The family was returning after paying obeisance at Sri Harimandir Sahib.

The family is a relative of Jalandhar councilor Sherry. They had come from Kolkata to Punjab and went to Amritsar for a religious visit. The victims said that when their car reached near Kartarpur, they realized that there might be something wrong with the vehicle. The driver stopped the car in front of the CRPF camp ahead of Kapurthala. The tire of the car was punctured. When he took out the strap and started changing the tires, three people came there. They said that they would help them. First, they helped, then said that give some blessings.

One of them gave 200 rupees. On this, the person in the car gave another 100 rupees. The robbers then took out the pistol. A robber took out the keys of the car. The robbers took the men in the car at the gunpoint.

They also asked the women in the car to take off all their golden ornaments. They robbed all the gold chains, earrings, bangles and cash from them. Later, when the robbers left, the police was informed about the whole incident.

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The police reached the spot after receiving the information. The police checked the CCTV cameras installed in the area. The victim’s family told that one of the three people who robbed was a Sardar. Everyone had drunk alcohol. No one from the CRPF camp came to help.

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