10 New K-Dramas for your October 2023 binge-watching list

Get ready for an exciting October month of K-drama thrills, romance, and intrigue

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1. The Perfect Deal - October 6

In this gripping drama, two unlikely partners embark on a high-stakes adventure that blurs the lines between friendship and crime.

2. Strong Girl Nam-soon - October 7

Join a trio of remarkable women with extraordinary abilities as they unite to take on the criminal underworld in Seoul.

3. A Good Day to Be a Dog - October 13

Park Gyu-young stars in this enchanting romantic comedy where an accidental kiss triggers an unexpected transformation.

4. My Dearest Part 2 - October 13

Travel back in time to the Qing dynasty's invasion of Korea's Joseon kingdom in this epic love story starring Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun-jin.

5. Evillive - October 14

Explore the complexities of a lawyer's dual life as he dives into the criminal underworld with a gang member as his client.

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6. Doona! - October 20

A retired idol's life takes a turn when she finds herself drawn to a young student, igniting a unique romance.

7. Castaway Diva - October 21

Witness an aspiring singer's journey as she returns to civilization after 15 years on a deserted island, pursuing her dreams in an unfamiliar world.

8. High Cookie - October 23

Join Nam Ji-hyun, Choi Hyun-wook, and Kim Moo-yeol in a whimsical tale of wishes granted by magical cookies, where ambition takes center stage.

9. Moon in the Day- October 25

A mystical twist of fate swaps a modern-day star with a vengeful Joseon nobleman, creating a tale of intrigue, comedy, and identity.

10. The Matchmakers - October 30

In this unexpected love story, a brilliant scholar's life takes a surprising turn after the death of his bride, leading him to a secretive matchmaker.