In a shocking incident, a class 10 student shot dead his classmate over a fight over seats in the class.

The incident took place on Thursday.

Earlier, on Wednesday, the two boys had fought over seats in the class.

One of the boys, on Thursday, brought his uncle's gun to school and shot dead his class mate. The accused and the deceased are both 14 years old.

Bulandshahr SSP, Santosh Kumar Singh, said, "The two apparently had a fight about sitting in class on Wednesday. The accused went home and stole a licenced revolver belonging to his uncle, who is in the army and currently home on leave. He came to class and shot the other student. He was taken into custody immediately."

According to the police, the accused shot his classmate thrice - in the head, the chest and stomach. The victim died on the spot.

After the shooting, the boy tried to flee the scene. He came to the ground floor from the first-floor classroom and fired in the air to discourage others from catching him.

However, a few teachers managed to overpower him and take his gun away. The boy fiercely fought back even then, the police said.

The police found another country-made pistol in his bag, suggesting how determined he was to carry out the shooting.

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