12th Fail’s Vikrant Massey gets in heated argument with cab driver over high fare, fans say scripted

The cab driver recorded the heated exchange with Vikrant Aassey; fans on social media were skeptical that this was a scripted movie promotion.

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Vikrant Massey, known for his role as IPS Manoj Sharma in the hit movie ‘12th Fail’, was caught having a heated argument with his cab driver. The cab driver recorded the incident on his mobile phone. In the video, the duo can be heard arguing over the high cab fare. However, fans were skeptical as to whether the video was genuine or a scripted promotion.


The cab driver, Ashish says that he has dropped his passenger who is now refusing to pay his fare. He then turns the camera to reveal the passenger to be none other than Vikrant Massey. He then says that “the passenger is arguing with me”. Vikrant then says that “what is this sudden increase in the fare, this is unreasonable and wrong.” The cab driver then responds with that this is not his decision but instead the decision of the cab service app.


Massey then tries to find common ground by saying, “"Are you threatening me? How did the fare go up suddenly? I am not saying it's your fault, but it's not my fault as well. You're saying it's the app's fault and isn't it wrong?”


But the driver went on to complain that despite earning so much money, he was arguing over the fare. To that, Vikrant replied, "Paisa ho, nahi ho, mera ho, aapka ho, kisika bhi ho...mehnat ka hai na? Aap khud keh rahe hai ye app walo ki manmani hai, ye nahi chalna chahiye."


The video subsequently went viral on social media, with some fans claiming the video scripted and promotion for an upcoming movie. “Movie Promote Karne Ka Tarika Thoda Casual Hai” commented one fan while another wrote, “Vikrant Massy in not wrong here unless it is movie promotion”.


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