It is a common belief that the pandemic Corona Virus, technically called COVID-19, has brought sadness and pain with itself and there is nothing positive has happened since February 2020. However, all is not gloomy and the pandemic has been transforming humanity and nature in ways that would not have been possible otherwise.

One of the most important assets a person can have is his mental peace. Usually, the life of almost every individual is a race to the next task, event, party, movie, or web series. But the pandemic upended this frenzied lifestyle. Almost every person was forced to stay indoors for about a year, and many qualities got time and attention to grow in all people during these times. Having a lot of time on their hands and being localised to their four walls, once the initial resistance was over, people began to meditate, introspect, and to become a better version of them. The surge in subscriptions to meditation, personal growth, self-actualization, self-help, and positivity channels on YouTube during the last ten months is a testament to the growing interest in self-awareness among individuals. Thus, improvement in consciousness of the world as a whole has been a positive side-effect of the pandemic COVID-19.

Family time has been a prime casualty of advancing technologies specifically Internet, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The pandemic of Corona Virus, having forced people to stay indoors for months on end, broke down the walls of distance among family members. When the people realised that they are not going anywhere soon, even mild enmities among the family members began to melt and they began to get to know each other again. The number of reported domestic violence cases seems to have dropped recently and this could be attributed to the people being forced in close proximity to each other. As a result, family bonding due to the lockdown restrictions is an advantage that no one could have foreseen.

In summary, it has been observed that the pandemic COVID-19 is nothing but bad news. However, this is not the case with individuals learning to gain mental peace and becoming mindful. Furthermore, family time spent among the people has risen. 

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