Not everyone is aware that Phool Makhana, also known as Foxnut, is not a nut but the seed of a variety of water lilies that grows abundantly in the country's eastern regions. It is widely consumed in Bihar in a variety of forms, ranging from parathas to a simple trail-mix-like snack. 

This humble seed has many benefits according to Ayurveda. It is beneficial to cardiovascular health, promotes postpartum healing, and is a good source of healthy carbohydrates. Makhana, which is high in proteins and minerals, is a filling and easy-to-digest snack.

Here are 4 delicious ways that you can incorporate Makhana in your everyday diet:

Overnight Porridge: Oats are the universal choice when it comes to breakfast cereal, but you can also make yourself a dry Makhana mix and keep ready for the week and soak small quantities like you would for an overnight oats' porridge.


. Dry roast some Makhana in an oven or in a kadhai. Crush roughly using a mortar and pestle (or simply fill them in a cloth bag and mash them with a rolling pin).

. Mix with your choice of nuts, dried fruit, or seeds, flavouring such as cinnamon/cardamom powder or vanilla powder, or even cocoa, and store in an airtight box.

. Fill a jar halfway with the Makhana mix, add milk of choice, and store overnight in the refrigerator

. In the morning, add fresh fruit or sweeteners as you like, and enjoy a truly great breakfast!

. Parathas: Ground Makhanas can serve as excellent gluten-free options for breads. It has an underrated taste and acts as a nutritious meal.


. Roast and grind the Makhana to a powder and store for a few weeks in a cool and dry place.

. Add the dried powder to mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes (they help in binding the dough) and add seasoning of choice

. Roll out the mixture between sheets of cling film or on a heavily flour-dusted workspace into circles and cook on a tava like you would, any other paratha.
Source IANSlife

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