About 56 per cent of the respondents of a survey will elect Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister if they are given a choice to elect directly between him and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

However, Rahul Gandhi has also made improvement in his image, as almost 35 per cent of the respondents want to elect him directly for the post.

This was disclosed in an exclusive pan-India survey conducted by CVoter to mark nine years of the BJP-led government. Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister of India on May 26, 2014 after he led the BJP to a historic majority of 282 seats in the Lok Sabha elections.

The survey said that 56.06 per cent respondents will elect Modi as the next PM if they have to choose directly between him and Rahul Gandhi, while 35.37 per cent people voted in favour of the former Congress chief.

However, Modi's popularity fell from 65.36 per cent in 2020 to 56.06 per cent in 2023. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi was only wanted by 23.11 per cent respondents to be elected directly as the Prime Minister in 2020. He improved his image and reached 35.37 per cent in 2023, thus closing the gap between him and Modi, who still remains one of the most popular leaders across the globe.

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