7 basic table etiquettes that you should always keep in mind

Having good table manners always help you to build a good impression. And fairly, no one likes to eat with the person who is messy at the table and have no clue of basic manners.

There are a lot of rules to abide by once you sit on a table to eat, to count it's total it would be hard considering them. But, in that never-ending list, there are some basic, universal table manners which would help you through your lifetime. Having good table manners always help you to build a good impression. And fairly, no one likes to eat with the person who is messy at the table and have no clue of basic manners. Even if it’s your closest friend or family. So, here we have listed some basics table etiquettes that you should always swear by, scroll ahead!

1. Always chew with your mouth closed

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Food only looks good on the plate, nobody wants to see it once you start chewing it. Additionally, chewing with your mouth open is not only disturbing visually but also extremely unpleasant to the ears. The worst part about that you can never point out someone who's addicted to this habit. So, always remember to chew with your mouth closed.

2: Shouldn’t keep your elbows on the table

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This is a basic rule taught by everyone's parents. While eating, we should never keep our elbows on the table because it is difficult for the person who is sitting next to you. But, it is not wrong when you are in a conversation with that person at the same time. This rule essentially applies when you're eating, that's why always keep your elbows off the table.

3: Avoid keeping your belongings on the table

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When you are eating, the table is only for food. That's why avoid keeping any of your belongings on the table. Because it may create a space issue for the food as well as it can be distracting to the person who is sharing a table with you. It is also necessary to note that placing your phone on the table looks rude to the opposite person as it gives an impression of them being less important.

4: Avoid licking your fingers

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Sometimes food is just too good and you can't avoid yourself to lick your fingers. But it looks so awful because it's not the most hygienic habit. Also, this rule applies even when you’re eating your food with your hands. Licking your fingers is just a big no-no and that’s where your napkin comes into play.

5: Never pick your teeth at the table

8 Common Table Etiquettes That You Should Always Swear By

It looks so unhygienic and unpleasant when someone starts to take out the food pieces from the mouth. Definitely, why anyone would like to accompany a person who just took out the food from the mouth.If you're in the situation where food stuck in your mouth then excuse yourself and deal with it in the restroom.

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6: Use Napkin 

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Napkin plays an important role whenever you're eating outside,napkin will be always placed on your lap while eating. It looks so impact-full and impressive to the person who is sitting next to you. If you need to excuse yourself while eating, place your napkin on your chair, not on the table. And when your meal is done place the napkin on the table.

7: Never speak with your mouth full

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It never looks nice when anyone speaks with food in their mouth. Also, it is not a good sign for the person who is talking to you because while you're eating, accidentally you spit out some food particles. So always remember to never speak with your mouth full.

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