7 Important Nutrients For The Body. Know More About the Food Which Contain These Nutrients

There are some specific nutrients that our body needs for maintaining good health. Without these specific nutrients our body may suffer from some diseases and may be some deficiency diseases also. For maintaining proper health we all need a balanced diet to complete all needs of our body.

As in this world full of adulteration of food, our body is more prone to diseases because these foods provide us with less strength and energy because they are not pure. So we should eat very selectively. We should choose wisely what our body needs and what will help to maintain a god and a healthy life.

Let's have a look at the 7 needed nutrients for our body and it is very common to have deficiency of these in our body.


Iron is a very essential component for red blood cells. It mixes with haemoglobin and helps to transport oxygen to all parts of the body. According to the report more than 25% of the world's population suffer from deficiency of this nutrient. Along with this 47% of the children studying in preschool suffer from this deficiency. Women suffer deficiency during the time of menstrual cycles and pregnancy.

 Foods rich in Iron are- red meat, organ meat, kidney seeds, seeds , green leafy vegetables etc.  

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D is produced with the help of cholesterol present in the layer of skin. The main source of this nutrient is sunlight. So the people living in far places from the Equator suffer from deficiency of this nutrient. So these people are suggested to take supplements of this nutrient. In India 76% people suffer from the deficiency of Vitamin D. The symptoms of this deficiency are weak muscles and bones. The children who suffer from this deficiency are very common. The deficiency will increase the chances of cancer and weaken the immune system.

Foods that contain Vitamin D are- oil present in the liver of cod fish, fatty fish, egg shake etc.


It is a liquid mineral. Its deficiency reduces the production of thyroid hormone in the body. Thyroid hormone is necessary for proper functioning of Brain, to maintain good body growth and to strengthen bones. Deficiency of iron in children can become the cause of many diseases in their body. Its deficiency can make the person differently abled and can lead to abnormal growth.
Food rich in Iodine are- Fish, dairy products, eggs, iodised salt etc.

Vitamin B 12

This vitamin is a very essential nutrient to our body as it helps the body in production of blood. And due to this the nervous system and brain works properly. To make sure that every cell of the body is working properly this nutrient is needed. According to the studies around 80% to 90% of people who are vegan or vegetarian face deficiency of this vitamin. Besides this 20% of the adult body starts absorbing the less amount of this nutrient. The common disease which is caused by the deficiency of this vitamin is Anemia. 

Foods that contain Vitamin B 12 are- organ meat, eggs , milk products etc.


Calcium helps to maintain good health of teeth and bones. Due to its deficiency people face problems like tooth decay and weakening of bones in their body. Without this the muscles do not work properly.

Foods rich in Calcium are- dairy products, dark green vegetables etc.  

Vitamin A 

Vitamin A helps to keep healthy skin, teeth, bones and cell membranes . It is a very essential nutrient for eyesight as well. It is a very common deficiency found in the people of developing countries. Those who follow a western diet, 75% of these people suffer from the deficiency.

Foods rich in Vitamin A are- organ meat, fish liver oil, sweet potato, carrot, green leafy vegetables etc. 


 This is a necessary nutrient for teeth and bones. Its deficiency can cause diseases like type-2 diabetes , metabolic syndrome, heart diseases etc. Symptoms of deficiency of magnesium are abnormal heart beat, Migrain , pain in muscles, shivering legs etc. 

Foods rich in magnesium are - dark chocolate, whole grain, nuts, green leafy vegetables etc.

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