Punjab is a state of colours, festivals, joy and a good vibrant life! So what all are the things that you MUST try out when in Punjab? Let’s take a look: 


While in Punjab, explore the history of Punjab's culture, Sikhism, and architecture – visit the famous towns and cities of Punjab. Each town of Punjab has its unique history to talk about. While some history is modern some are ancient. Amristar, is one of the holiest cities of Punjab, with the Golden temple as the shrine for the devotees. Also, in Amritsar is the very famous JalianwalaBagh memorial, where many Indians were martyred by General Dyre. Wagah Border is another place to explore.


Apart from that, the whole Punjab has a lot many forts like the Lodhi Fort in Bhatinda, the Pathankot Fort in Pathankot, the PuranaQila in Patiala are just a few. Their palaces are in ruins now, but at one point in time in history, they were the elegant entrance to many Empires – Lodhis, Rajputs, and Mughals. Most of the Forts or the cities have museums, which tell the history of Punjab. Virasat e Khalsa is one such museum that traces 500 years of Sikhism and 300 years of the formation of Khalsa.



The entire state of Punjab is interspersed with a whole lot of gardens! Rose Gardens, Terraced Garden, Japanese Garden, Rock Garden – are few main attractions in just Chandigarh alone– the capital city of Punjab and Haryana. Similarly, there are other gardens too in the other cities of Punjab. The JalianwalaBagh Gardens and Rambagh Garden in Amritsar, the Baradari Garden in Patiala, Nehru Rose Garden in Ludhiana, Shalimar Gardens in Kapurthala are the other Gardens that will take your breath away! Also, Punjab has many parks in all its cities. With architecture that is a blend of Rajput, Sikh, and Mughal cultures, the spectacular monuments and buildings make a sight to behold.



Qila Raipur is a small village in the Ludhiana City of Punjab. It is famous for hosting the Qila Raipur Sports Festival, which is also called Rurak Olympics. The participants include the different breeds of cattle like – bullocks, cows, buffalos, mules, etc. There are many other festivals liketh the Rose festival, the Mango Festival, which is held typically in the winter and summer season respectively. Apart from these, celebrations for festivals like teeyan or Punjabi Teej, Lohri, BasantPanchami, etc, are the seasonal festivals which are celebrated in Monsoons, Spring and Winters.


Every festival has a characteristic platter of food, a certain style of celebration, and very important history and tradition associate with its celebration. The most important festival is the celebration of Guru BAnakJayanti, also called the PrakashUtsav. Prakash means light. Hence, in this festival, the whole city and all the important shrines of Sikh pilgrimage and Gurudwaras are decorated with lights to remember the Light OF KNOWLEDGE, Humanity, and wisdom as was done by Guru Nanak DevJi. The festival of Gurupurab is celebrated for every Guru of the ten gurus of Sikhism. Even the Hindu festivals of Holi, Diwali, Karwachauth are celebrated with just as much fervor and positivity!



The best part about Punjab is the infinite Gurudwaras! Anandpur Sahib, HArmandir Sahib, Hoshiarpur Sahib, Nada Sahib are a few famous ones. So just go to any Gurudwara, and enjoy a langar meal. Langar is a meal that is served by the Sikhs at the Gurudwaras, as a part of their Seva. Experience the joy of unconditional service to humanity. Not only do they serve the food, but they also wash the plates, serve water and keep the shoes! In Sikhism serving God is through serving humanity. So see and grow with humanity



If you didn’t try out the Punjabi cuisine, then coming to Punjab is absolutely worthless! Punjab has one of the yummiest platters to offer. Whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Punjab has food for every taste.

With so many varieties in just parathas – Aloo, Paneer, Gobhi, etc, one can very well imagine what will it be for the rest of the items? Evening starters like Tandoori Chicken, Chickentikka, paneertikka soya tikka- just make your mouth want it all! Street food includes Raj Kachori, Alootikka, papri chat, DahiBhalla, and a lot! Dinner includes Butter Chicken, KadhaiPaneer, Rara Mutton, Dal Fry, Dal Makhni – to each his favorite! So what makes the Punjabi food so yummy? It’s the Punajbigaram masala and the Desi Ghee! ( Intadka and for garnishing) which lends the delicious taste. This is what makes it famous for its burst of flavors in the mouth – all over the world.



Punjab is very diversified in terms of Music. On one hand, you have the peaceful, and soulful Shabad recitation and Gurbani., on the other hand, you have the rocking Punjabi music with the Bhangra beats! Initially, Punjabi music was restricted to only Punjab with Chamkeela and Gurdas Mann. Today, with artists like Baadshah, Aastha Gill, HarshdeepKaur, DiljitDosanjh, GippyGrewal, YoYo Honey Singh, Punjab music has not crossed the boundaries of Punjab, but it has given India international fame.


With many karaoke hangouts not becoming popular with live music, you can come and try your voice too, at signing along and if you do not know, then just move to the groove of the Punjabi Dhol. Put your hands up and just relax and do the Bhangra on the beat. The Punjabis are very gracious and fun-loving, so even if you do not know the Bhangra, they will teach you how to do it! Bhangra is also the traditional dance of Punjab. Bhangra is danced on every occasion be it Baisakhi or a wedding – Bhangra is a must! And, with Punjabis like they say, Bhangra is where the Dhol is! So, chill with the Beats!

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Punjab is a state of colours, festivals, joy and a good vibrant life! So what all are the things that you MUST try out when in Punjab? Let’s take a look: 


Punjab follows the mantra shop till you drop! Whether it is shopping at the Malls or just street fashion, Punjab has it all! Starting from Patiala SalwarKameez, dhoti salwar with Kurti – one has too many options to explore! Not to mention the beautifully embroidered Phulkaridupatta or kurta! The sheer simplistic beauty if it is mesmerizing. Punjabi Juttis come next. A mix of shoes and slippers, they are the most comfortable and convenient footwear, and look amazing when paired with the Punjabi suit! Sequins, silk thread work, mirror work, stones – they just make your feet dazzle with the Jutti. Also, the men can shop for beautiful colors of Turbans, Kurta Pajama sets, and Sherwani. If you are a would-be bride, then pick up those Chhura and Kalira for your big day! Handwoven winter clothing – sweaters, shawls, stoles, mufflers, ponchos, etc, are great gifting souveniers too.



A trip to Punjab is never complete without the sweets. Piniyan, Panjeri, Laddoo, BesankaLAddoo, GajarkaHalwa, Moong Dal kaHalwa – all made in Desi ghee are unforgettable! Onc e you have tasted these sweets, you will never want to give up on them! In Punjab, there is a sweet for every occasion – buying a new car, a puja at home, a wedding, an invitation! And it is awesome in flavor. The best is the KadaPrashad in gurudwaras!

These are just the most important of the many other things, that we can think about when it comes to Punjab! But Punjab has much more than this – Gurudwaras, Golden fields, LangarSeva, ChabeelSeva, and the list can just go on!

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