Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the Prime Minister's National Children's Award (PMRBP) awardees through video conferencing on Monday. This year 29 children from across the country have been selected in different categories. Digital certificates were given to awardees.

12-year-old girl Gurugu Himpriya who saved the lives of her mother and two younger sisters during a terror attack in 2018 was also on the list of 29 awardees. The terrorist attack on the Army Camp in Sujawan took place in 2018. At that time, Himpriya was only 8 years old.

The terrorists were trying to enter the family quarters. Himpriya and her family were also in one of these. That little girl showed amazing intelligence and courage. Firstly, she closed all the doors to avoid terrorists to enter the house.

However, the terrorist tried to enter the room by throwing a grenade, leaving Padmavati (Himpriya’s Mother) badly injured.  She opened the door and interacted with the terrorist for about an hour. For about three hours, the girl kept the terrorist entangled and saved the lives of her mother and two younger sisters.

Himpriya lived with his father Havaldar Gurugu Satyanarayana, mother Padmavati and sisters Rishita (6 –year-old) and Avantika (3-year-old) in the army residential quarters at Sunjawan in Jammu and Kashmir.


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