You must have read and heard many stories of revenge, but this story will shake you to the core. This story of revenge is from a small village of Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh, Rattagarh Kheda. Here on January 4, a farmer presses the button of a tube well to irrigate the field and the blast breaks him to pieces. The sound of the explosion can be heard up to a kilometre away. When the people around reach the spot, they find body parts scattered everywhere.

The story of the sensational incident started a year ago from the gang rape that happened. The domineering friends of the village Bhanwarlal Patidar (54), Lalsingh Khatija (35) and Dinesh (37) gang-raped the wife of Suresh (32) of the village itself. When he tried to save his wife, all three threatened him. Said- If you do FIR also, you will kill.

He got scared of the threat and did not go to the police. After seeing his wife's pride being robbed in front of his eyes, he had vowed that he would not spare anyone. Inside, it was burning in the fire of revenge. He remained silent for the first six months and waited for the accused to go unnoticed. It was seen on TV that Naxalites attack jawans using detonators and gelatin sticks, blowing them up to rags.

Detonators and gelatin are easily available in Ratlam. From making wells to using them for fishing. Suresh used to use them. Bought gelatin sticks and detonators from Badri Patidar of village Simlavada. Suresh first tried to blow up Bhanwarlal with a blast. The starter of his farm's tube well set the detonator and gelatin, but the gelatin sticks were few. There was a mild explosion and Bhanwarlal survived.

The village has a separate feeder to provide electricity for agriculture. If there is light in the morning, then it is not there at night. Suresh knew this. He did a racket of Lal Singh Khatija. He knew that he too used to pick up the starter of the tube well. For this reason, Suresh set the detonator when the power went out at night

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