AAP exposed BJP's Jalandhar west candidate Sheetal Angural for extortion

Sheetal Angural's brother Rajan Angural threatened and extorted money from a person named Sandeep Kumar in the name of sorting his family dispute

Punjab, Trending | AAP exposed BJP's Jalandhar west candidate Sheetal Angural for extortion- True Scoop

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab exposed the BJP candidate for Jalandhar west Sheetal Angural in the case of extortion. Sheetal Angural's brother Rajan Angural, on the behalf of his brother, threatened and extorted lakhs of rupees from a person named Sandeep Kumar.

AAP Punjab chief spokesperson and member parliament Malvinder Singh Kang, along with chairman Jagtar Singh Sanghera and Jalandhar district (urban) secretary Gurinder Singh Shergill, addressed a press conference in Jalandhar on Sunday where he with evidences told the media about this criminal case against the Angural brothers. 

Malvinder Singh Kang said that every day people are coming forward and exposing that Sheetal Angural cheated us, Sheetal Angural extorted money from us, he did a fraud and indulged in gambling. Kang said that there is a family in Jalandhar which was going through some disputes and their son Sandeep Kumar lives in Australia. A few months back this matter reached the police station, then Sandeep Kumar approached then MLA Sheetal Angural to be the middleman and help his family sort this matter. Kang said that Sheetal Angural's brother Rajan Angural took 5 lakhs and 20 thousand rupees from Sandeep Kumar to sort this matter. He said that Sandeep Kumar has recordings of Rajan Angural when he was asking for money. 

Kang said that Sheetal Angural and Rajan Angural compartmentalized their illegal work. He said that Sheetal Angural was the political influence and Rajan Angural executed all criminal activities on the behalf of his brother. Kang said that they introduced Sandeep Kumar to Ayub Khan who is the right hand of Sheetal Angural and said that he will help him in the police station to sort this dispute. But the matter didn't end there. Sandeep Kumar and his family were still getting calls from the police station regarding this dispute, so Rajan Angural demanded Rs. 2 lakhs more from Sandeep Kumar. Kang said that this is not the only case against Sheetal Angural. He is a habitual criminal. 

Kang appealed to the people of Jalandhar west to choose wisely in the upcoming by-election. Kang said that because of his illegal and selfish motives, Sheetal Angural left the AAP and joined the BJP, because in the AAP government he wasn't getting free hands to do his illegal activities. Kang said that on the one hand there is the Bhagat family who are serving the people of Jalandhar for two generations, who are honest and hardworking. On the other hand, there is Sheetal Angural who has a number of criminal cases against him and who extorts the people who go to him for help. Kang urged the people to vote for an honest candidate Mohinder Bhagat and elect him the representative of the Jalandhar west.