The ongoing dispute between AAP and BJP is increasing day by day. Where on one hand AAP claims that BJP is buying his MLAs, BJP says on this that Kejriwal's government is only trying to divert the attention of the people.

Recently, Cabinet Minister Harjat Singh Bains, while attacking the BJP, said that BJP should stop daydreaming about Punjab. Harjot Bains wrote in his tweet, "BJP should stop day dreaming about Punjab and rather should start realising the ground realities that AAP is forming the next govt. in Gujrat. Indians have realised that only @ArvindKejriwalJi’s Guarantee’s can make India No. 1 & not Jumlas."

BJP is preparing to establish itself in Punjab and win the upcoming elections in 2024, whereas on the other hand, AAP is doing its campaign in Gujarat.

Recently there was a controversy between AAP and BJP. AAP leaders alleged that BJP is trying to topple the AAP government in Punjab by buying their MLAs whereas the opposition counter-attacking on the whole matter said that Aam Aadmi Party is trying the divert the mind of the public by doing this kind of politics.

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